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One of the first bungyjumps in the world, off of Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, was done by a group…The Dangerous Sports Club of Oxford College. From its very beginnings, Bungyjumpin’ has been about participating with others. Use to join a group on their next adventure, or create your own event to meet new friends on the platform.

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The heart-pounding, fear-defying sport that is bungyjumpin’ is not for the faint-hearted. Finding other people in your area who love to go bungyjumpin’ may normally be challenging, but we’ve made it easy for you. Join today to find other jumpers nearby. Sign up and start networking!

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Bungyjumpin’ demands the perfect location. From towers to bridges to Redwood trees in California, the possibilities are as endless as they are exhilarating. Finding the right, and the safest one, is important. Explore our comprehensive database of jumpin’ locations to plan your next exploit, or add your favorite to our list!


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Interested in selling your used gear to a fellow jumper or, better yet, donating it to someone wanting to learn? Here’s the place to do it!

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